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Winter 2006

You should get your Oregon river rights information from these sources.

But it's not there.

Please send a note to Oregon to get the message out. 

Virgil Moore - ODFW

 Oregon State Marine Board

Other states are educating their citizens.   They've got clear statements for people to follow.

Idaho has a detailed guide to river rights in their official Rules and Regulation booklet.


As does Alaska

Full version

Don't you think that Oregon should do the same?


Spring 2006 Northeast Oregon

NE Oregon has some of the states most spectacular rivers. These rivers get heavy river use by local residents, as well as tourists from across Oregon and around the world. Unfortunately, on some rivers lawful river users have been wrongly cited for trespass when they were obeying the law, and clearly below the ordinary high water mark.

We need your help. Please write a letters to the following folks.

Ask them to "Enforce the laws that protect public river rights. Enforce the State Attorney General Opinion #8281." You can download a sample letter here. SampleLetter.doc (MSWord Document)

Daniel Ousley
Wallowa County DA's Office
101 S River St Rm 201
Enterprise OR  97828
[email protected]
[email protected]

Fred Steen, Wallowa County Sheriff
101 S River St Rm 101
Enterprise, Oregon 97828
[email protected]

Sergeant Randy Palmer, Oregon State Police,
Enterprise Office
[email protected]

March 2006

Common Waters presentation, Bend

Tuesday March 28th
7 pm - 8:30 pm
Central Oregon Environmental Center
16 NW Kansas

November 2005

Why don't the ODFW regulations and the Oregon Marine Board mention your river rights?

We need to make sure the state is publishing the Attorney Generals Opinion on your river rights in all the relevant literature they put out. If the state truly wants to manage conflict, then they need to inform people of their rights and responsibilities on the rivers. Several state agencies need make sure the public can easily find information on river rights. The Oregon Marine Board, ODFW, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and LCDC (Land Conservation and District Commission) all generate large amounts of public outreach materials each year. They also have websites that citizens search looking for answers.   Lets get them involved in the education that is needed. Please write letters to the agencies and request that they issue information on river rights.

We've made this easy with sample letters (in Microsoft Word Format) and all the e-mail addresses for you. 

All these agencies will be having board meetings in December. Please get your letter written and then if possible try to attend the board meetings. 

Dec 2nd, 8am, Salem. ODFW Commission Meeting. More Information.

Dec 13th, 10am, Salem. State Land Board Meeting.  More Information.

Dec 14th, Salam. Oregon Marine Board Meeting. More Information .

Upcoming Oregon Marine Board Educational meetings around the state


State Land Board is meeting October 12, 2005 at 10 am. They need to hear from citizens about moving forward on the navigation studies that have been requested. They are dramatically behind schedule for conducting these studies. And, there is a risk that they might not proceed because of lack of public interest. They need to know that citizens are interested.

Ted, Kulongoski , Governor:
or message phone at 503.378.4582

Bill Bradbury, Secretary of State
[email protected]

Randall Edwards, Treasurer
[email protected]

Ann Hanus, Director Department of State Lands
[email protected]

Jeanette Holman, Assistant Director Navigability
[email protected]

Jeff Kroft, Senior Policy Analyst Navigability
[email protected]

Gail Lowry, Land Board Secretary,
[email protected]

Now that the2005 legislature is closed, meet your senator and representative to make sure they know and understand our river rights. Print a copy of the AG's opinion (PDF) , and the summary document )PDF) to give to them. Make and appointment and talk with your legislator. Locate your legislators.

2005 Legislative Citizen Actions

more to come on this item


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